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Imagine Life Spent on the edge

Imagine Life Spent on the edge


Nicht vorrätig

  • Imagine

  • Director: Thierry Donard
  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 95 Min.
  • Language: Multi-langue
  • Subtitles: French


Imagine an entire life lived on a knife's edge...forever dreaming up new adventures, new projects. Riders know exactly where their limits are and although this line is tested, toyed with and pushed back; it is never to be crossed... These exceptional men and women have built lifestyles around their passion. Doubt is just a part of their daily lives. A thrilling showcase of incredible exploits which were inconceivable just a couple of years ago.

Thierry Donard and his team have set out to bring you closer to these modern day heroes, to share their lives and their emotions with you. Getting cameras closer to the action means capturing the purest emotions that spring forth in these special moments. 95 minutes to discover for yourself the passion of this special world, bringing you to the heart of the action.