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Addicted to Life



To the four corners of the globe, from Chamonix Mont-Blanc to French Polynesia via Châtel, the Swiss Alps, the Pyrenees and the Spanish desert of Almeria, the new La Nuit de la Glisse film „Addicted to Life“ showcases extraordinary feats from passionate athletes within wild, threatening natural environments. A unique encounter of the close kind with men and women who continually push their limits in extreme situations. In search of new challenges and unique sensations, they spend their lives studying their respective environment in detail.

Across mountains and oceans, they bear witness to climate changes that affect the landscape and nature’s elements. From the melting snow caps to the dying coral reefs, pollution threatens to changes the backdrop of our global ecosystem. Through their incredible performances and the powerful sensations they experience, these athletes touch the dreams of millions of people and yet, with the planet paying such a heavy price, no one knows whether in 10 years the next generation of „freeriders“ will benefit from the same privileges. A globetrotting adventure immortalises the story behind the amazing achievements of these modern-day heroes.